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The Major strap is a wide strap made using a double width of webbing sewn together and is approximatley 90- 95mm wide depending on the width of ribbon. On the final design for this strap the adjustable end is made from just the webbing as the large scale hardware is very hard to find and it also means its less bulky. You can also have a Gipsy Major strap using ribbons adding up to a width of 90 mm maximum. You can customise your strap by choosing components (webbing, buckle, ribbon and leather)  from the wide range that I have available. Please see the Strap Components and Ribbons pages for things I currently have in stock but if you have other requirements then just ask and I can source something suitable as there are many possibilities for ribbons and beautiful sari trims.

A Major strap is £45 plus P&P and a Gypsy Major Strap starts at £50

The Major Strap

Examples of The Major Strap

These two straps are made from ecclesiastical vestment ribbon. Walking around Rome we kept seeing these beautiful ribbons in the holy shops along with some very gaudy gold crucifixes and we couldn't resist them, it's what started off the whole wide strap idea!  The adjustable side of the strap is made using webbing and a ribbon that compliments the main part of the strap.

Kev Dempsey (too many bands to list!) has a version of the purple strap

Example of The Gypsy Major Strap





This strap I made for my 1957 Hofner 500/5 bass. As it only has one strap button and I didn't want to alter the guitar, I have made an adjustable head stock tie to attach it to.

The backing is double width webbing in green and the trims are bronze leather. The adjustable end of the strap is single width webbing with three different ribbons to compliment the main part of the strap. There is also some suede on the back of the strap so that it doesn't slip. The hardware is antique brass. The width is 9.5cm

Daria Kulesh also owns a version of this strap.

This strap is a little different and has a suede back rather than webbing for the main piece, with beige webbing and co-ordinating ribbon on the adjustable end. The ends are cream leather and the hardware in antique bronze. The width of this strap is just over 10cm.