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Red Spirafloral strap with black webbing, gunmetal hardware and cherry red leather. This strap went to Hannah Martin of Edgelarks (and many other great bands!) and is shown above on her lovely David Oddy Tenor guitar

Brown and gold Celtic ribbon on taupe webbing with antique brass hardware and bronze snake print leather. (This ribbon is 45mm so there will be a very narrow edge of the webbing showing at the front of the strap)

I made this strap for my husband Drew Wegg for the first P & M guitar he made.

Phil Beer also owns one of these straps, pictured above on his Viator 12 string

This strap was made for Phil Beer of Show of Hands for his David Oddy guitar, the last made by David. It is blue pirate ribbon on blue webbing with black leather and gunmetal hardware.

The essential strap hasa single ribbon trim, you can choose from 50mm which will cover the whole of the webbing or 34 to 38mm which will show a strip of webbing at either side. You can customise your strap by choosing components (webbing, buckle, ribbon and leather)  from the wide range that I have available. Please see the Strap Components and Ribbons page for things I currently have in stock but if you have other requirements then just ask and I can source something suitable.

If you require a strap for a mandolin or other smaller instrument then please let me know as the button hole will need to be smaller.

The Essential Strap is £28

The Essential Strap

Examples of Straps with 50mm Ribbon

Examples of Straps with 38mm Ribbon

This Sugar skulls strap  with black webbing and leather and gunmetal buckles was made for Jo Carley of Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls, you really must check them out!

This strap has red and gold floral ribbon with black webbing and leather and antique brass buckles.

Blue ornate ribbon on blue webbing with bronze leather and antique brass hardware.

34mm Ribbon

This strap was made for Amy Goddard.

Gold and brown jacquard ribbon on black webbing with antique brass hardware and bronze leather.

Odette Michell (Below right) also has a red version of this strap with black leather.

And Zoe Wren (Below left) has a black version.

Three wonderful young folk musicians

This wine and metallic ornate design is on wine webbing with gold buckles. The leather is black

This metallic pirate strap with the gold leather is owned by Richard Shindell

This peacock ribbon strap is on green webbing with gunmetal buckles. The leather ends are both blue on one side and green on the other. It belongs to Mike Mathieson of Mad Dog Mcrea

This strap was made forJoe Broughton of the Urban Folk Quartet for his mandolin.  It's a black, orange, blue & gold design on blue webbing his has black leather . The hardware is gold