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The Banjo Cradle Strap

The banjo cradle has the basics of the guitar strap but it has a cradle made from strong 15mm webbing and sliders on the leather ends to attach it to. It is adjustable as the guitar strap but as the banjo is much heavier there is also a stopper for slider on the strap to stop it moving and a suede shoulder rest.  You can also have a Gypsy Banjo cradle (see Gypsy Strap)

A Banjo Cradle Strap is £40 plus P&P and a Gypsy Cradle Strap starts at £44  

This Banjo Cradle strap was designed for Sweyn Martin from  The Loose Change String Band.

The 'Dobro' Strap

The 'Dobro' strap is from the basics of a Major strap with a wide main piece and then two adjustable ends, one which goes around the headstock. There is also a padded shoulder rest as the 'Dobro' is a heavy instrument and also for this reason the button end has an extra fail safe button.

A 'Dobro' Strap is £50 plus P&P and a Gypsy 'Dobro' Strap (as below) starts at £50  

This strap was designed for the wonderful Phil Henry of Edgelarks (and many other great bands!) and is a gypsy strap with 4 rows of ribbon on the main strap area in blues and golds. It has navy leather and antique brass hardware. the backing is royal blue webbing. The shoulder rest (Sold separately - cost £8) is a padded pale blue suede.

The Suede Strap

I have also designed a suede strap with the ribbon trim. The one below is 9cm wide but I can do any width required. This suede on this one is recycled from an old sofa so has a join at one end. There is a fair amount of work in this so would be £35. If made from new suede it would be £50

Ukulele Sound Hole Strap

This is a narrow strap specially designed for ukuleles that have no strap buttons. The end hooks into the sound hole and you wear it around your neck. Cost is from £ 22

Ukulele Strap Conversion Kit

If your Uke has no strap buttons at all and you do not wish to add them then this kit will convert any strap to fit to your Uke. You can customise the headstock end but I wouldn't recommend adding anything to the body wrap end as it need to be a thin as possible so as not to interfere with the strings. They are adjustable and usually fit from Soprano to Tenor Uke. Cost of plain webbing kit is £12.50

The Studded Strap

The below strap was specially designed for Ian Seigal with his name in studs. There is quite a lot of work in this as the studding is all done by hand and it is a wide strap so the cost would be around £70