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The Essential

This is the basic strap 47-50mm wide with a single ribbon front

The Gypsy

This is the same width as the basic strap 47-50mm wide but with multiple ribbon front.

The Major

This strap has a wide main body, that can be up to about 100mm

The Gypsy Major

As the Major but with a variety of ribbons on the main body and the adjuster end.

The minor & Gypsy minor

This is a narrower strap 37-40mm for smaller instruments such as mandolins and ukuleles. As these often only have one strap button a head stock tie can also be provided.

The minor & Gypsy minor  for Kids

This is as the minor strap strap 37-40mm but made shorter so should fit from very young children to young teenagers.

The 'Dobro' Major & Gypsy Major

This has been designed especially for the 'Dobro' with a wide body and two narrower adjustable ends and a shoulder rest.

The Banjo Cradle & Gypsy Cradle

This is as the Essential and Gypsy straps but has a strong webbing cradle and a shoulder rest

The Suede Strap

These can be made to the width of your choice