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Festival Band Pet Collars

Wondering what to do with all those old wrist bands you have from festivals? Why not get them made into a cat or dog collar, or if you have a very large quantity, a guitar strap or belt! See examples below, there a various options so if you email me we can discuss the bands you have and what you would like to do with them. The festival emergency number will be blocked out as it could cause confusion if your pet got lost. There are different ways this can be done.

One complete Cropredy Festival band will make a cat collar to fit up to 25cm neck (I managed to slip this one off my wrist so did not need to cut it.) I can however use more than one and use the bits and pieces you have. Just email me and we can discuss the design.

The fastener is a breakaway safety buckle as recommended by International Cat Care.and you can choose from the selection on the cat collar components page.

For this collar I have used sparkly ribbon to block out the festival emergency number but there are a number of different options.

It comes complete with a bell to let those birds know your cat is coming for them......

Cat collar cost is £10

Festival Cat Collars


For a dog collar you can use one band (see Gypsy collar below) or a few bands or even bits and peices. They don't have to be one colour, you can mix and match bands. Just email me to discuss design.

You can choose any of the widths and accessories from the dog collar pages so 15mm (Single row), 25mm (Double row) and 38mm. (Double row and can add another 10mm ribbon)

The emergency number will be blocked out to avoid confusion if your dog gets lost.

Cost will depend on how much work there is involved in  in putting them together but the basic costs will be as the other dog collars between £12- £21

Festival Dog Collars

Using a zig zag stitch over the number is an alternative to ribbon to cover the emergency number.

This double width collar is made using the 25mm webbing and accessories. The emergency numbers are blocked out using yellow ribbon. Cost with plastic buckle is between £15 to £18 depending on length, with  metal buckles it would be £18 to £21 .

This collar is also made using 25mm webbing and accessories and the number is blocked out using gold metallic zig zag stitching over it. Cost as is with the metal buckle will be £15 to £18 depending on length,with plastic buckle between £12 to £15 .

For this single row one I have used 15mm webbing and  a black plastic clip.

The emergency number on this collar has been blocked off using colour match ribbon. The maximum neck width on this collar is 45cm and minimum 27cm. I used 1 3/4 bands to make this one. Cost for this as is would be £10 to £12 with metal clips £12 to £15

Even if you only have one band we can make a collar using other ribbons to match with it to make a Gypsy festival collar. This collar is made using 25mm webbing and accessories and the number is blocked out using gold metallic zig zag stitching over it. It is teamed with a purple and gold ornate ribbon. Cost as is with the matt gold buckle will be £18- £21  depending on length (This one is £21 as it is a medium),with plastic buckle between £15- £18  

Gypsy Festival Dog Collar