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Cat Collars

The cat collar is 10mm wide and can have a variety of ribbons, webbing colours and accessories. The collar is a breakaway collar as recommended by International Cat Care, the go to for anything cat related!

Unfortunatley, although I have five cats myself they have proved to be rubbish models.....

The cat collars are adjustable from approx 18cm to 28cm but please ask if you require an extra small or an extra large collar.

Check out the 10mm webbing and the 10mm and 15mm ribbons for the cat collar.  You can also choose your break away buckle and adjuster buckle and add a charm and bell if required.  See links below


The cost of a cat collar is £10

This ribbon is 15mm but can be attached to the 10mm webbing and buckles. the stone in the centre is a Swarovski Crystal

Two rows of gold & silver 6mm ribbon and a Diamanté adjuster buckle on brown webbing

Cerise Ornate ribbon on black webbing. The stone in the centre is a Swarovski Crystal

Cerise and gold paisley ribbon on baby pink webbing with rose gold adjuster buckle . The stone in the centre is a Swaraovski Crystal

Blue Ornate ribbon on blue webbing.