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Instrument Straps

I started making guitar straps having bought similar ones that were quite costly but then realised i could make them myself in exactly the designs I wanted at a much better price. The basic design is 47-50mm wide with a strong webbing back that will take any weight of guitar and decorative ribbon front with metal hardware and leather ends. If you prefer, a non-leather substitute can be sourced. I can also make extra wide straps, ukulele straps and banjo cradle straps, so if you have any special requests please ask.

Key Chimes

Whilst watching a programme about folk music I noticed an instrument made from old keys. As I'm a cat sitter (sittingkitty.co.uk) I had many disused keys so I decided to make a key chime with them. The resulting sound is quite magical and I have used many different types of beads and stones to decorate them. I still have many keys and other cat sitters have been donating theirs, or I can make a chime from your own old keys.

Pet Collars and Leads

These were really a follow on from the guitar straps as the principles of making them are very similar. I have made dogs collars and leads and a cat collar with a breakaway safety buckle. There is a choice of five widths for dogs and two for cats and a variety of ribbons and quick release buckles to choose from. We can also use your old festival wrist bands to make a dog or cat collar!

Greetings Cards

I have been making cards for most of my life. The ones I am making currently are either my own lino prints or origami, or a combination of both. I usually upcycle old books, beads, wrapping papers, ribbons and any odds and ends to make unique cards. Each card comes with a second envelope and inner so the person you give it to can reuse it and send to someone else!

Belts, Bag Handles, Key rings, Camera Straps, Lanyards

It wasn't such a leap from dog collars to realise that belts can be made exactly the same way.....just longer! You can also jazz up an existing bag with a new strap that is adjustable in length, or have a key ring to match.  

All the ribbons for the dog collars can also be used to make these as can your old festival wrist bands.