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Key Chimes

The keys for the chimes are all redundant keys that have been polished lightly so they still retain some patina. They are suspended from a wooden disc using nylon thread; different beads and stones are used to suspend them and decorate the strands. I can use nearly any type of bead. Healing crystals have been very popular as have birth stones, glass beads and wooden beads. Different combinations of keys will also give a slightly different sound.

I have Rosewood and Silver Birch in stock and a very limited numer of the olive wood .

Below are a few of the many that I have made. The costs are roughly £30 for 21 keys, £20 for 15 keys and £14 for 9 keys all plus P&P. Cost will change depending what sort and how many beads are used. The Olive wood is £5 more as this wood is more difficult to source.

This key chime was made for my friend Emily, she loves healing crystals so I made this for her when she wasn't feeling well. The beads are amethyst and clear glass, the wood is olive and the keys are a mix of silver Chubb type keys and gold flat Yale type keys, the hook is brass finish.

Her Bengal cat Luna loves it too and you can see and hear him in the video on the right very gently playing with it.

This key chime is an olive wood disc. The beads used to suspend the keys are patterned wood, the beads on the strands are amber glass and the keys are all flat keys in a mix of brass and silver colour.

The wood in this chime is silver birch, it has a light satin varnish on it to stabilise it. The beads are crystals, rose quartz, moonstone and adventurine. The keys are all gold in colour but a mix of flat and Chubb types


This key chime was a commission for Yuri Yamashita, a New York based percussionist ,above you can see it in the orchestra pit of the Lunt - Fontane Theatre on Broadway NYC where she is using it for TINA Turner the musical. (Yuri pictured third from the right)